How to Set SMART Fitness Goals

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see the results in the gym and any other aspect of life even though you work hard and put in the efforts. One of the reasons could be that your hard work is not aimed towards any goal. In this article we will discuss about a 5 step SMART tool that you could use to create the perfect goal statement.

To maximize your success what we’re going to discuss is how to get smart with your goal setting The word smart is an acronym that represents specific measurable attainable realistic and timely. So let’s understand how to use this tool will help us create our path to success.

SMART goal and it's Acronym.

Step 1 :- Being SPECIFIC

The S stands for specific. To ensure success you must be crystal clear about what you want to accomplish, what exactly do you want to change or why do you want this particular change to occur. Setting specific goals will result in a much better performance than just setting easy goals no goals are just saying that you want to lose weight.

Also keep your goals aligned with your own personal ideals and ambitions. Doing the goal for yourself and not others is critically important an example of a specific goal is I want to lose 20 pounds so that it can look good and feel great while I’m on vacation with my family

Step 2 :- Being MEASURABLE

M which stands for Measurable. Can you measure your progress towards your goal? being able to assess your progress and see how well you are coming along will help you become more compliant and committed to your goal. If your goal is weight loss then be sure to weigh in weekly and track how your are progressing towards your goal and determine if you need to make any adjustments to your program

Step 3: – Being ATTAINABLE

Next is A for attainable. Is your goal actually something you can do. Setting goals that you can visualize yourself. Achieving will make you more committed however that doesn’t mean that your goal does not challenge you. Research shows that you are more committed to a big challenging goal than an easy goal.

Step 4: – Being REALISTIC

Now lets focus on the the letter R which is Realistic are the skills and structure in place for you to able achieve your goal. Breakdown your goal into more manageable ones that can make  what seems unrealistic less daunting and more conceivable . Accomplishing smaller goals will keep you motivated and on track.

Step 5: – Being TIMELY

T stands for Timely. Putting a time frame on your goal will help you keep on the target. The time frame you decide on must coincide with other aspect of your program for example loosing 20 lbs in 4 weeks is unrealistic and unattainable however if you give yourself 12 weeks to loose 20 lbs is a very realistic and attainable goal.

Final Statament

“I will loose 20 lbs in 12 weeks by consistently eating healthy foods and exercising atleast 30 mins a day.”

With this tool in your pocket you could design goals statements that will help you in identifying  the best way possible to achieve it.

Fat Loss Transformation of a Guy with the help of using SMART Goal setting tool

This method is not limited to just health and fitness. Now that you understand it you could very easily apply it to all other aspects of your life and get the benefits and find even greater success.